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What is an NFT and How Does it Combine With Toys?

NFTs are unique items representing ownership of the selected piece, which cannot be exchanged or replaced. NFTs are a perfect complement to toys. Nowadays there are many people who like to make collections of anything from postcards to coins, and of course, toys. Toys are already inherently collectable so this is just the next logical step!

Leading Toy Companies Entering the NFT Scene

The table set out below contains all toy companies who have already entered the NFT scene. We have divided them into categories so that you make an informed decision.

Among the expected categories, a new category came to light – the collection genre of the NFT toys themselves. We have divided them into either "Retro Gold", "Today!" and "Niche", where Retro Gold are the retro toys of nostalgia coming back as NFTs; Today! is for toys that are just reaching the market; Niche represents the entirely new type of NFT toy companies - the "insight/ visionary companies".

The NFT market is known for revealing new niches, therefore, we added a bonus for you to keep an eye on – the movie giants who own their market.

  • Companies
  • NFT Collection Name
  • Partnership
  • Figure in the NFT Pack
  • Genre
  • Blockchain
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  • Marvel
  • Marvel NFT Collection

  • VeVe

  • Mixed reality statue

  • Retro Gold

  • Immutable X - Ethereum

  • Secure Link

NFT Toys & Toys IRL

NFT Toys & Toys IRL

We cannot argue that interactions with a real-life toy are far more important to a child than any digital toy. However, we understand the world is changing rapidly and even children at a very early age are using video games and virtual reality. We believe the time when nannies are replaced by virtual playgrounds and toys are virtually anything in a metaverse created for children is not that far away.

Having the opportunity to buy everlasting, unbreakable toys as NFTs in a safe world your child can explore via multi-sensor suits is appealing for many. But many companies still offer the toy as a physical item as well, which makes each toy a rare collectible. The blockchain delivers the unique and non-fungible traits.

How/Where to Buy NFT Toys?

There are several options to purchase NFT toys. The first option is buying directly from the creator, through their official website, if they have an internal marketplace, of course. The second option is through a specially built marketplace, functioning for the purpose of buying, selling or even renting an NFT. Below you will find a list of the most famous NFT marketplaces.

The Most Famous NFT Marketplaces

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